Vote “Yes” to West Chester’s Community Bill of Rights


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe West Chester Community Bill of Rights amends West Chester’s Home Rule Charter. It asserts our distinctly American right to self-governance and our rights to clean air, clean water and a sustainable energy future.

Powerful outside interests disregard our civil authority to protect our own health, safety and welfare. When we try to protect our environment and influence decisions that impact the health of our community and our families, we find ourselves losing because we are working within a rigged regulatory system that these outside influences have largely created. We must change this system.

More than 100 Pennsylvania communities now have Community Bills of Rights, insisting that it is the people who are sovereign, not corporations, business entities or higher government.

West Chester is waking up. The Community Bill of Rights helps put power back into the hands of the people, just as the founders of our Democracy intended.

The West Chester Community Rights Alliance (WCCRA) urges you to join us. We’re not part of a special organization or political party. We’re community residents, like you, who want to preserve life in the face of growing environmental threats. With support from almost 500 Borough citizens, we have already put this initiative on the November ballot.

We stand for a healthy future for our families and our community.

Now, let’s stand together.

A “YES” vote on November 3 is a vote to strengthen the power of the people of West Chester.


Mayor Carolyn Comitta, on the Community Bill of Rights

Mayor Carolyn Comitta

Mayor Carolyn Comitta

I enthusiastically support West Chester’s environmental Community Bill of Rights, which amends our Home Rule Charter and claims our constitutional right to clean air, clean water, and a sustainable energy future.

This amendment articulates a community value that has been established through visioning sessions and local actions for more than a decade in West Chester: A healthy and sustainable future.

Environmental threats are growing. They are significant. Part of the solution lies in restoring the balance between excessive corporate rights and citizen rights. This balance has been inverted by a system of law that is overly influenced by powerful special interests.

By voting YES! to the Community Bill of Rights this Tuesday, we stand together to protect our community from significant environmental harm for the benefit of all residents, families and small business owners in the Borough of West Chester.


Community Leader Holly Brown on the Community Bill of Rights

Holly Brown

Holly Brown

Here is Holly Brown, former West Chester Borough Council President and current chair of the BID (Business Improvement District), on why she supports the Community Bill of Rights:

I support this amendment for three reasons. First, our neighbors in West Goshen, Westtown and Downingtown are facing aggressive tactics from gas companies that want to put large, polluting pipelines right through their properties. These corporations are plowing their way through our communities with no regard for our environmental rights or property values. 

Second, having a son with a PhD in genetics makes me more aware of the continuing connection between the environment and our health. As a grandmother, I want to do everything I can to protect the health of my family and the families in our community.

Third, we now know that we face an unprecedented threat to our environment, and the only way for us to address it is to create meaningful change at the grassroots level. This Community Bill of Rights will help us exercise our constitutional right to stand up to a system of law that puts corporate interests and profits over our most basic right to protect our community from harm. 

Please join me in voting YES! to the environmental Community Bill of Rights on Tuesday!